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About-Us-Image About Us
About-Us-Image About Us

About Mirage Fabrics & Blinds

Established in 1987, our company has been offering quality window furnishings with materials and components sourced from all over the world.

We work closely with interior designers and architects to offer our clients customised blinds and curtains.

Mirage’s current industry reputation is built upon excellent service for our clients as well as window furnishings that are fabricated and maintained by our company with the highest quality control.

About-Us-Image About Us

Mirage Fabrics & Blinds : Our Motto & Philosophy



Ultimate Solution for Window Perfection

Mirage Fabrics & Blinds believe in fabricating the ultimate solution for our user. Everybody’s perfection is different, therefore at Mirage, we strive to fabricate the perfect window blind for our clients by listening to their needs, their requirements and designs that caught their eye.


At Mirage Fabrics & Blinds, our company believes in 3 Es.


Ensure that all products and components that are purchased from our establishment are of excellent quality and have undergo our rigorous quality control and testing methods before handover to clients.
It will not reflect well upon us if our products are defective. Therefore, we seek to have all our products undergo rigorous testings and defective checks to ensure they are in excellent working conditions  before we install for our clients.


Eradicate all unnecessary hassles for our clients and ensure a smooth transition from purchase to handover for clients.
In many cases, our clients are often working adults who are too busy to oversee minute details of their purchases. At Mirage Fabrics & Blinds, we understand that. Therefore we strive to eradicate all hassles that might occur to try to make things easier for our clients.


Empower all staff to perform service requirements that are essential for them to do their jobs.
Empower is a strong tool for our sales staff. It enables them to reach out to clients in more ways than ever. It also allows personalised touch of services as a simple and small gesture to show that as sales people, we are attentive to our customers.

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