Day Curtain

Day Curtain

Day Curtain or Sheer Curtain as the name speaks for itself, is see-through curtain.


Is day curtain necessary? For most home-owners, day curtains are installed for aesthetic purposes. They reduce a small bit of sunlight from penetrating our rooms and provide some privacy from people walking by or your opposite block neighbours.
That being said, generally most households will install both day and night curtains. Having day and night curtains offer the convenience and functionality of both fabrics as well as look better than just installing one layer of night curtains.

Day curtains are generally light in terms of weight compared to night curtains and have an airy feel that help to make a room look bigger with them installed.


Day curtains can be sewn in different ways. 2 of the most common sewing methods for curtains are Double Pleated as well as Eyelet curtains.



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