Wooden / PVC Venetian Blinds

Wooden / PVC Venetian Blinds (Classic or Easi-Lift System)

Wooden / PVC Venetian Blinds are made of 50mm slats stacked one upon the other with the control system allowing the blind to tilt or be pulled up and down fully.

This ability to tilt the slats at an angle enables our customers to control the amount of sunlight entering their houses.

Our wooden slats are made of Basswood and the faux wood slats are made of PVC.

There are pros and cons to using Wood and PVC.

Firstly, PVC is waterproof whilst wood is not.

Secondly, Basswood is one of the lighter wood materials available and therefore is much lighter than the PVC ones.

Thirdly and most importantly, the grain design and colours available for Basswood as well as PVC are different. Therefore, our customers usually select their choices based primarily on the colours and grain design available.

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