Dual Comb Cellular Shades

Dual Honeycomb Shades

Introducing Mirage’s Dual Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades or Cellular Shades are one of the most energy efficient shades in the market.

Due to the unique make and shape of the blind, honeycomb shades actually help to keep out unwanted heat, light and noise more effectively than the rest of the sunshading systems in the market.

However, honeycomb shades comes in different sizes as well as having single or dual cells. Today we are going to introduce the dual cell honeycomb.

The difference between the dual cell and single cell shades are that the dual ones are doubly effective in terms of keeping out unwanted light, heat and noise.

This is essential in Singapore as the weather sometimes can be particularly unpleasant and noise pollution from highways and roads are high as well.

Check out some images we took of our showroom’s dual honeycomb shades!