miku_color_no-bg Miku Ceiling Fans

Miku Ceiling Fans is a brainchild of Mirage Fabrics & Blinds. Miku from Japanese 美 (mi) meaning “beautiful” combined with 空 (ku) meaning “sky” or 久 (ku) meaning “long time”. It can also come from a nanori reading of 未来 (mirai)meaning “future”. Thus, we decided on this brand name for our ceiling fan range as we pride our fans to be “beautiful” and to last for a “long time”.

Miku range of ceiling fans are curated from all over the world. We assembled a range of fans that incorporate different interior concepts to cater to our customers.

We also have fans that have DC or AC motors, wooden or aluminium fan blades, LED or Normal Lights, or fans with no lights at all. Fan speed for each ceiling fan also varies.


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