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Motorised Roller Blinds @ Library@Esplanade

Motorised Roller Blinds @ Library@Esplanade

Date: March 2014
Scope of Works: Supply & Installation of Motorised Roller Blinds with Blackout Fabric and Servicing of Collapsible Glass Partitions by Dorma.

We were awarded the project to supply and install motorised roller blinds at the Library@Esplanade in 2014.
User required motorised blinds instead of manual blinds because it is a public area with lots of traffic.
Not only for that reason, but also that it is a secure way of handling the roller blinds because only remote control can access the blinds.

We installed the motorised roller blinds after the library’s closing hours to prevent disturbance for the library users.
And, we also serviced their collapsible glass partition (Brand: Dorma).

Mirage’s job scope includes:
1. Drilling and Installing Brackets for Support for Roller Blind
2.Wiring of Electrical Cable from Blind Motor to Power
3. Testing & Commissioning of Blind Motor
4. Setting of Upper & Lower Limits of Blind Motor
5. Connecting Remote Control to Blind
6. Alignment Adjusting of Roller Blind
7. Final QC Spot Check

Here are some images of the blinds installed. Also, link to Google’s 360 view of the library from the outside.