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MiZip Motorized ZipBlind

MiZip100-04 Sims Urban Oasis ZipBlind Group Buy

MiZip motorized zipblinds are warrantied for a span of 5 years for manufacturing and fabrication defects.

Keep Out Rain

MiZip helps to keep rain away from your balcony space. This allows the full use of the balcony for purposes which will not have been possible without MiZip ZipBlinds.

In the process of keeping out rain with the blinds fully lowered, the surprising feature would be the ability of the ZipBlind to keep out insects as well. We can’t seem to find any reason not to have zipblinds installed in your balcony!

Delivery Time

Given the stock of MiZip we placed in our production plant in Malaysia, we are able to ensure that delivery of MiZip motorized zipblinds are one of the fastest handover time you are able to get in Singapore.

Call us if you are keen to understand more!

No Light Gap

Due to the structure of installing each set of zipblind, MiZip ensures that the in between each set of blinds, we do not have any light gaps that can be quite obvious if installation was not done properly.

Excellent Quality & Durability

Our European components and parts ensure that MiZip motorized zipblinds, which are fabricated under the strictest quality control, possess excellent quality and high durability.

We rigorously test each set of MiZip motorized zipblinds to ensure that the blinds are able to withstand high wind speed as well as ensure that the fabric, motor and components are working seamlessly together before delivering them to site for installation.