Wireless Motorised Blinds

Wire Free Motor for Roller/Honeycomb/ShangriLa/Roman/Korean Blinds

Wire Free Motorised Roller Blind @ $280.00 Nett

“Wireless Motorised Blinds”

Introducing the new tubular motor that is powered by lithium ion battery for long lasting usage.

The motor is 25mm in diameter only and can thus fit into many existing blinds’ systems like roller blinds or roman blinds that are currently installed in your residence.

Ideal for our customers staying in residences like HDBs due to the ceiling height. The wireless motorised blinds have to be charged once every 3 months minimally and it will be easier to reach the motors if the blinds are installed at a height no higher than 3m.

As our customers, you can also fabricate a new set of wireless motorised blinds with the motor retrofitted into the system.
We will then adjust the limit setting based on the height you prefer and have the wireless motorised blinds installed on site ready to be used.

The motor does not require routing of electricity and wiring as it is powered by lithium ion battery.

The battery takes 6 hours to fully charge and is able to operate up/down around 600 times before the next recharge is required.

However, to maintain battery life of the motor, we at Mirage Fabrics & Blinds Singapore recommend that our customers charge the wireless motorised blind once every 3 months minimally.
This will ensure the battery life is kept optimal.

The motor is currently on sale till stock runs out.
Motor price is $280.00 nett.

Please note that the wireless motorised blind is only suitable for indoor usage. Outdoor motorised roller blinds still have to be powered by hard wiring electricity and running of cabling.

$280.00 nett is for the motor only. Fabric will be charged separately based on the type of wireless motorised blind you would like to purchase.

For more enquiries on our wireless motorised blind product range, please contact us at 81214188 or regine.k@mirageblind.com and we will try our best to respond to your queries as soon as possible.

We have embedded a video in this post which showcases the wireless motorised blind’s ability to power blinds of decent dimensions.

The wireless motorised blinds have been installed for more than 2 months and are still in excellent working conditions with the battery showing no signs of weakening.

At Mirage Fabrics & Blinds, we are constantly striving to improve our product line.
This is to ensure to our customers that they are able to receive quality products from us at an affordable rate.

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