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MiZip ZipBlind

ZipBlind-05-1024x576 MiZip ZipBlind

Regularly having trouble shielding your balcony or patio or your outdoor relaxation corner from Singapore’s extreme weather elements?

We have the ultimate solution for your problem:

MiZip ZipBlinds by Mirage Fabrics & Blinds

How It Works

Zipper is welded securely to the sunscreen fabric, which is then guided through the side channels of each panel of blind which thus ensures no light gap between each set of blind. Motor or chain system is integrated into the MiZip zipblind to enable operation of the blind. 


  • No light gaps between each panel of blind
  • Ability to withstand high wind speed
  • Looks more sophisticated than usual outdoor roller blind with wind guides
  • Keep out rain and insects while reducing sunlight penetration which allows for greater comfort staying outdoors!
ZipBlind-05-1024x576 MiZip ZipBlind

Kick back in comfort and enjoy the sheer convenience with a flick of the remote control(or through an app in your phone)!

Enhance your outdoor living space today with our unbeatable offer of $15.00 psf nett price for this sleek and user friendly MiZip ZipBlind by Mirage Fabrics & Blinds.

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