MiZip ZipBlinds

MiZip Motorised ZipBlinds

MiZip Motorised ZipBlinds are the latest sunshading technology that is wildly popular in Singapore.

These blinds are ultrasonically welded to weather-resistant zipper guides and glide up and downwards through the side wind channels which help to hold MiZip Motorised ZipBlinds and block out rain during wet weather conditions.


For MiZip Motorised ZipBlinds, we first take on-site measurements for the area installing the zipblinds.

We then customise the blinds accordingly and fabricate in our production plant.

The fabrics we procure for the zipblinds are highly suitable for outdoor usage with high tensile strength.
It is cut to size and weather resistant zipper guides are welded to the cut fabric.

We then fit the customised fabric onto a extreme heavy duty tumbler with a high torque motor installed within.

This is then followed by Quality Control checks before delivering our MiZip Motorised ZipBlinds to our clients and Mirage’s very own installers will then install on site.

The zipblinds require attention to detail, meticulous work and calculation. Installation usually takes 1 to 2 days to complete due to restriction in working hours for condominiums in Singapore.


For more information regarding our MiZip Motorised ZipBlinds, please do contact us at 82049299.

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